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    hello. I like You/
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    Crazy Monkey
    And I really like the bonus game of the Crazy Monkey machine, which consists of two stages of the game. In the first level, players will see 5 ropes that are located against the backdrop of the tropical jungle. Each of them must be pulled alternately. If a player gets bananas or bonuses for a player, the game continues. If a heavy object falls on the monkey's head, the bonus round will be over. If the result is positive, the players will get a super prize. If the second round of the bonus bonus game is lost, all the achievements that the player receives in the first round are saved in his account.

    22-05-2019 om 09:12 geschreven door Timyr

    Crazy Monkey
    I like this slot. All fans of "monkeys" will be able to appreciate this video slot when playing for money. The device "Crazy Monkey" is implemented with the possibility of using a wild symbol by activating the bonus game, during which the player has the opportunity to get a super prize.

    15-05-2019 om 21:06 geschreven door Alla

    Crazy Monkey
    Since it is possible to play Crazy Monkey for free without restrictions, that is a great opportunity to study the video slot in detail without straining and not worrying about having to put real money. Just relax and have fun. The frivolous video slot proves: to win it is not at all necessary to strive for clever slot machines. Here you can find a cool storyline with simple graphics and high chances of winning. Odds are acceptable so playing Crazy Monkey slot machine for free or for real money is very profitable.

    26-04-2019 om 20:50 geschreven door Nektar

    Crazy Monkey
    This is a great slot! And the plot is interesting, which tells that in the jungle of the Amazonian forests a monkey has found a way to earn substantial sums of money. She is ready to share with you a secret, but for this you need to help her deal with the device of the device. Since playing Crazy Monkey for free makes it possible without restrictions to have a great opportunity to study the video slot in detail without straining and not worrying about having to put real money. You can just relax and have fun.

    18-04-2019 om 08:25 geschreven door Martin

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